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Wherever you go: the name ‘Porsche’ is known everywhere.


The Porsche Travel Club offers exclusive driving experiences and fascinating adventures, destinations and tours. For you – and for all Porsche enthusiasts throughout the world. To ensure that Porsche Travel Club participants can get behind the wheel of a Porsche as quickly and easily as possible there are local Porsche Travel Clubs – for example in China, Japan or Russia.

Our local Porsche Travel Clubs offer the resident participants one thing above all: a comprehensive service. For example, with tour leaders who speak the language of the country and contacts on the tours. Or by providing an interpreter. The local Porsche Travel Club will also be pleased to help in obtaining a visa or creating tailor-made tour routes and groups, and will also be pleased to answer any questions you might have about your trip – or the booking you made in Germany. Another advantage is that, when you book through the local Porsche Travel Club, you can pay in your own currency. And you can contact them during normal working hours – without any time difference.

All of these services can be accessed through your Porsche Travel Club. So that you can concentrate on just one thing: enormous driving enjoyment while travelling. In a Porsche of course.